wrapped in plastic

I don’t know if anyone remembers that time I photoshopped myself all up to look like dead Laura Palmer from “Twin Peaks,” but Marika sure did.

Viola! My first little Funko figurine ever which she couldn’t resist sending me because she’s Marika.

I didn’t get to see the recent “Twin Peaks” reboot. But I will. One day. Thank you, Marika! You’re nuts.


One thought on “wrapped in plastic”

  1. Good God, that was 10 years ago? It is frozen in my mind … I loved that pic even though it freaked me out. When I saw this I thought “It’s Becky as Laura!” You have replaced the character with me — and since it was small, I could not resist. I am resisting other things. I thought she’d look good on your desk.

    I was a little surprised to see this is your first Funko, but then I thought they really don’t do a lot of genres you enjoy.

    I hope you like her!

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