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Someone I know has a strong opinion about recent events, and I have a place where he can express it. The following is a guest editorial.

I’m not somebody who writes a lot about the state of politics or shares my feelings on them often, for a variety of reasons. There are a lot of people who are much more knowledgeable than I am on the topic. But I don’t know that I can sit on my hands and not say anything any longer. At least not in good conscience.

I’m happy to own the part of this that may be just me living in my own denial. But I have to say it really rubs me the wrong way to hear Trump constantly referred to as the President Elect. He hasn’t won anything. He has, by all counts, lost the popular vote by just under three million votes. And the Electoral College doesn’t vote until December 19. Let’s see how that pans out.

Given my admission that I am not as well spoken in the political arena as others are, I have to ask the question that I’m not hearing anyone else ask. The CIA says that the Russians had a direct hand in influencing the election so their preferred candidate would win, in addition to confirming hacks into the DNC and attempts to hack (evidently unsuccessfully?) into the RNC computer systems and databases. And evidently, the POTUS and Congress knew all about it in advance of the election. But POTUS, in apparent response to a threat by Senator Mitch McConnell, said nothing since McConnell allegedly threatened to frame any revelation as politically motivated. (I’m not sure why that matters, but evidently it did to Obama.)

Somehow, through all of this, we’re supposed to accept the results of the “election” that was manipulated by the Russians as valid. Why is no one calling to nullify the results of this election? (I’d like to think my reaction would be the same regardless of whether my candidate won or not. The thought that any other country could have such broad-reaching influence on our election is sickening.)

I don’t understand the complacency of the Democratic Party, with Senator Chuck Schumer simply saying, “We’ll have to look into this in a bipartisan way after the holidays.” It sounds a lot like, “Vacation is more important than protecting the democracy we have sworn to uphold and defend.”

I don’t understand how everything just keeps moving forward like a runaway train, and no one seems to question anything (of importance).

— J.C.


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  1. 3 things in today’s news: former CIA agent says any other democracy in the world would hold a new election if there was evidence process had been tampered with by an outside govt.

    4 senators (2 R, 2 D) have called for investigation. Should be done in time for the 2020 election. Will give us time to offer ballots in two languages, English and Russian. Spanish is out.

    Trump says he doesn’t need daily intelligence briefings because he’s a smart guy but that’s ok since Pence is sitting in.

    1. Dear BB,
      I had seen the first point on Saturday afternoon, and to this moment I cannot understand why this story has not gotten more traction. In fact, even on the Sunday morning programs (Meet The Press, This Week, etc.) all of the Dem. guests would preface their statements with “I’m not questioning the results of this election, but…” and I’d think, “Why the fu*k not??? I AM!!!”
      The last two I saw this morning, and again.. I don’t understand the complacency with which the Democratic party is dealing with this…. As if, “oh well, what’s done is done and we all just need to move on.” I resent how dismissive it all sounds and the tone that we’re not supposed to worry about such things, and to just keep out eye on what they tell us important.
      It’s bothersome.

      1. Trump said the election was rigged until he won. Then he said the election was rigged because his opponent got more popular votes than he did. His campaign posturing had him going after HC for (NO EVIDENCE of) cyber national security issues. Now cyber national security issues are just some hoax perpetrated by the CIA.

        I would say to you and BB that I still believe there are people of conscience in Congress who genuinely love our nation and understand the gravity of election tampering and national security. On both sides of the aisle, they need to hear from constituents who want the truth. And that’s it. Just the truth.

        Unfortunately, the so-called liberal media is long-dead, and the press is no longer the people’s watchdog. Government, statesmanship, diplomacy, dignity, courtesy–these are boring. Politics, celebrity, scandal, verbal and physical attacks–these are tantalizing distractions.

        For me, there’s no pleasure in knowing the kind of buyer’s remorse that lies ahead when I and mine are also either on the tracks or aboard the runaway train.

  2. I do remember it being mentioned repeatedly that the Russians were behind the DNC hacks, by the CIA and the Germans… no one cared about their interference. I don’t know that they knew exactly how deep it went.

    As someone who also does not write about politics either, I am going to say that this to just get it off my chest. This election left me broken, totally broken. I am not saying that Hillary did not have her problems, but Trump? He has such a lengthy record of bigotry ( sued by the justice department for not renting to minorities …sued by the Casino Commission for removing all his African American employees off the floor when one big gambler requested it … the list goes on…) He was endorsed by the KKK … and I don’t understand people being okay with that. I don’t understand women voting for him… Either they voted for him because of these things, or they didn’t care and either possibility breaks me. I feel like this country isn’t the country I love and maybe it never was.

    His cabinet choices leave me gobsmacked. The Sec. Of Treasury is a man that made millions off the housing crisis in 2008, he worked for Goldman Sacs,he’s now a Hollywood producer. He isn’t even a believer, he contributed to both campaigns. The Sec. of Labor is from the fast food industry and opposes a minimum wage – how does he not profit from that. Scott Pruitt hates the EPA so kiss that good bye …. I wonder if this is what his supporters had in mind, because that does not seem like draining the swamp to me … that seems like putting a lot of rich dudes in charge of things they will benefit from.

    But mostly what I hate is the bitterness it has left in my heart. I know that down the road certain things are going to hurt the people who voted for him, and I think “Good. This is what you voted for … that is what you deserve.” And that is not a me thing to think. I just feel horrible about that. I don’t watch the news, I just don’t have the stomach for it.

    I know you love a lot of conservative people, as do I … and that has left me bowled over too … so please don’t leave this whole note … just say : JC, I agree with your very well stated opinion.

      1. I opt to publish the whole thing. FB and other social media is not a safe place to express one’s opinions. My blog is and will be. Because anyone who launches personal attacks or insults toward another private citizen gets deleted. Hate is censored where I pay for the real estate.

        1. well thank you … I just had to say it. I feel bad about how I feel, but I’m also so afraid … for what is going to happen to me personally … this might be my last year with insurance …. and then what do I do? But also afraid for what we might become … and for all the people that are going to be hurt. And now that I’m at the food pantry,what about all the people there …. and then you know who tries to get me ..needle me etc …. I thought I would feel better by now… but I don’t

    1. Dear Marika,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. There are SO MANY thoughts I have with regard to the people that the presumed president elect has named to cabinet positions…. I didn’t want to get into all of that here as I just wanted to use this as a forum to gain a greater understanding, if at all possible, as to why no one was calling for a total nullification of this last election. That seems warranted, to me, at this point. But I’m clearly in the minority. Most people seem perfectly fine to just move on as if this is business as ususal.

      As far as the potential picks for cabinet are concerned, I have MANY opinions. Even trickling down to Asst. Cabinet positions. Sessions? Bolton? Puzder? DeVos? Price?? Flynn???? Laura Fucking Ingraham????? I guess it won’t be long before Sean Hannity gets appointed to something.

      And I understand what you mean….. I, too, want to say to those that voted for him, “Well, be careful what you wish for…. you want someone to turn things upside down? That means they go upside down for YOU, TOO!”

      And I don’t understand the people who use the whole “well, we just need a change” argument.

      Really? What is it you need a change from? Low unemployment? Fewer uninsured than ever? That Bin Laden is dead? That the stock market is at a record high? What is it, exactly, you feel you need a break from?

      It’s frustrating.

      1. This puzzles me, too. I have to say that most of the people I personally know who have been so insulting to the current administration are doing pretty well. I’m not sure why they’re so angry, but I flipped the switch on those diatribes and attacks and it’s been a huge relief.

  3. I do find it incredible the the election result has been allowed to stand. It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump is a puppet of Putin. I thought the States was meant to be a democracy? I think there is something seriously wrong with your democratic system, although it goes to prove that anyone really can become president.

    1. I guess we’ll see how things unfold. But I know internationally, people are dumbfounded. Maybe we’ve gotten what we deserve with our 12o characters or less, fast food, disposable, celebrity-obsessed culture.

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