…and I was singing this song for you…

Ugh, this year, the last week…the death of Leonard Cohen, whose songs I’ve had the privilege of teaching as poetry (and Kate McKinnon’s SNL opening was everything, by the way).

Now another loss that sent me to the closet where my silent albums live.

Lucky enough to have seen him at Farm Aid V, and lucky enough to have friends who could afford all his albums when I was a financially struggling youngster. Besides his solo success, Leon Russell recorded and performed with damn near everyone in his long career. Songwriter, session musician, superstar. This is for Debbie and all the nights we listened to Will O’ the Wisp, for that character Douglas and what he owes to Leon Russell, among many, and for Riley, just because I miss him so much.


4 thoughts on “…and I was singing this song for you…”

    1. According to Wikipedia, more than 40 artists have released the song as a single, including Ray Charles.

      I called LR a superstar in homage to the Carpenters’ cover of the song he wrote with Bonnie Bramlett by that name–one of my favorites to hear Karen Carpenter sing.

      Another favorite is the song “Lost Inside of You” that he wrote with Barbra Streisand when they were trying to come up with some song ideas for the movieA Star is Born late one night. They not only created a wonderful love song, they helped create a key moment in the film.

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