5 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 514”

  1. I was not in the mood for “flame” week, as I have been living in the smoke of wildfires for weeks now. Fortunately, however, those fires are far enough away to not put me in danger, but after the Waldo Canyon and Blackforest Fires in CO, I feel for those who lost everything. There are so many, I feel like some gang is deliberately starting them, but I don’t want to jinx a fire into existence here just to photograph a flame.

    As for the tean drama, I’d say Red Head just asked Blue on a date just as Cheshire Cat materialized between them and accused Red from using glue with her cat brush that is now stuck to her back. This is why I would call it Twilight High, which is just beyond the woods surrounding a famous castle for aspiring witches and wizards. Twilight High is an all new diff-hip-rad-rip-of-a-soap. Word.

    1. Fires, winds, floods–devastating losses they leave behind.

      Blue doesn’t have any feet, by the way. I snagged him off of ebay, and someone had amputated them. But that’s a different episode.

      1. I thought Blue’s feet were pointing into the wall and doing a double-take twisting thing, the kind of distraction that goes one way while the rest goes the other.

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