19 thoughts on “Snoopy Saturday!”

  1. Bugs Bunny, etc.


    Danger Mouse


    Power Puff Girls, Kids Next Door, Adult Swim, Rug Rats, That one where she can talk to animals, but they all died when Nickelodeon became the Sponge Bob Network

    1. And when Cartoon Network came out, the cable TV monopoly surrounding Virginia Tech refused to add it. Apparently, there were all these people who thought a College Town would have no interest in Cartoons when all they have are PBS, University and scrambled porn (you can hear them, but they didn’t block the scrambled picture). Adelphia is a “family” network. They must be the ones who thought rock and roll (including church records) played backwards had hidden meanings. Adelphia, a whole bunch of stuck up, closed-minded, petty crooks, and one day it will be Comcast’s turn.

    1. On our way to visit Bennie for her 90th birthday this January, we passed through New Mexico and saw a road runner. Alas, there was no coyote chasing it, no boulders, no spring-loaded steel doors springing out of the roadway, no free bird seed…

  2. Few will recognize it, I’m sure. It may have been the first anime to come to the states back in the mid-sixties. It was called “Astro Boy.” I never missed it. They made an anime movie a couple of years ago, but it paled in the face of the original black and white we got every weekday afternoon after school in SoCal.

  3. It’s not that they didn’t have cartoons when I was a kid, THEY DIDN’T HAVE TV! We had to go to the movies to see cartoons. Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny and Woody Wo0dpecker were my favs. Also Popeye.

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