20 thoughts on “And we did, for the last time”

  1. the best part is that all those memories didn’t require packing! Oh! the new adventures that await; the “first” visits from all your friends; the happy dogs running amuck; the alligator head…

    you ok?

    1. Yes. It’s hilarious to me that the two rooms I need and use the most–the kitchen and my office–are the ones I just don’t get to. Going to try to tackle the kitchen today, if my job allows. =)

  2. I agree with all of the other comments. All “new”– stories, adventures, faces, spaces, memories–yours for the taking! We will all walk with you on this new journey.

    1. Nothing like a fresh start! Now I need a contractor to give that apartment a facelift. Though I told Tim I might just use all those $$ for my own facelift, because the new bathroom lights are just not as flattering as the one at The Compound. 😉

      1. You realize that by now your mother would be completely unpacked, pictures on the wall, books on the shelves, chicken and dumplings on the stove, and the boxes recycled! And Roger would have had a new roof on the place. Why do you slack?

  3. We saw that when we left Friday night and were a little sad that it was the last time we’d cross through the gate. Hope everything’s coming together at Compound Estates Manor.

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