100 Happy Days: 99

Piglet, also known as Piggy, is made ecstatic by the sight of a volunteer morning glory.

Actually, Piggy loves rolling in the grass and also being with Cowboy Jon (out of camera range) because they are rescuing each other.

I promise this blog won’t stay all dogs, all the time. Other adventures are looming on the horizon. It’s early days yet, but probably the time will come when you’ll be begging for dog posts again. =)


10 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: 99”

    1. You’re right. Dogs are the greatest, and it seems that most of the blogs I read are very dog-intense! (With some of the dogs looking remarkably like cats…)

  1. You may post ANYTHING you want so long as you continue counting. Maybe you can start going backwards. 96 will take you to the end of the year, then tag on 4 more for good measure!

    p.s. I love volunteer morning glories.

  2. Does Piggy have an identity crisis?

    Talking of pigs, Chris asked if we could have a pot-bellied pig yesterday and I said no. Another dog, yes…

    What adventures? What? What?! You’re such a tease.

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