100 Happy Days: 98

RPM just turned a year old and volunteer Susie took a cake to RPM’s office today. I had to drop something off there, so I ate a slice–yum!

Someone had also brought a Barbie Potty Training Taffy set, because as all the RPM fosters and volunteers know, almost 3700 dogs and cats transported equals a LOT of pet poop.

I’m thrilled at the success of this organization. And I was also happy because Barbie and Taffy made me think of my own Potty Training set, one that Rhonda and Lindsey gave me back in 2008 on my birthday.

Barbie and Tanner


17 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: 98”

    1. The in-between owners of what became my Parents’ new home, was a bunch of wild cats that somehow missed the domestication. The entire grounds of weeds became their fortress, their playground, their nightclub, their strip joint, their toilet. After the Parents’ moseyed into town, the only remnants of Catland was the toilet. Now, one of their dogs doesn’t chase the cats; it eats their poop. But, if I could get those wild cats to eat the dogs’ poop in return…

  1. It took me a while to realize the dog’s name is Taffy. I was visualizing dogs chewing on taffy as a “reward” for potty training. :p

  2. HA! Happy Birthday RPM!
    When I looked at the Barbie & Taffy training kit and noticed the poo….. In my head I thought “no shit?” they put poo in there? They I actually Laughed out loud.

    1. First they eat the little brown kibble from their dog bowls. Then the little brown pellets exit under their tails. Truest illustration ever of the phrase, “Shit in, shit out.”

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