100 Happy Days: 96

What’s making me happy today is that I made the executive decision not to do a Runway Monday design this week. It might have been a challenge created just for me, because the inspiration came from particular American Girl dolls and the models for the updated looks were ‘tweens (and they were pretty great on the runway). If you read A Coventry Christmas, you know that Keelie actually had a toy manufacturer interested in creating a doll from a story she was writing about a young girl. I had considered rereading that (it’s been a long time!) and using Keelie and Destiny as my inspiration.

It would have been fun, but I’m just too pressed for time right now, and the other things I’m doing have to be a priority. Sorry if you came here hoping for doll fashion this week. But hey, look: PUPPY!

This is Potter. Someone saved his life last week.


8 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: 96”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS. feel no pressure from us or yourself. do what you NEED to do. We will all still be here when your life is calmer.

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