Runway Monday: The Rainway (PR 13:8)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were challenged to create avant garde looks that would be able to stand up to the elements, especially the rain. In fact, the runway was transformed into a “rainway” and the designers had to use waterproof textiles in their looks.

Okay, some points.

I’m not letting it rain on my computer, which serves as the backdrop to my runway.

Currently, I have almost zero time to design anything, much less an avant garde look.

Fortunately, I can’t be eliminated! And I have the most beautiful model and muse in the world, Summer. She’s helping me prove a point. There really is a woman who can make a trash bag look like fashion. Thanks, Summer!

See you next time on the runway with–hopefully–a more fashionable design.

Black bag used for dress from Murder By The Book. Boots and belt by Mattel.

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      1. If Showtime and/or Channel 4 were to create another series of Queer as Folk, I would like to compare with the original series just to notice the differences.

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