Runway Monday: Priceless Runway (PR 13:7)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers got a taste of luxury when they were allowed to choose a piece of Chopard jewelry to base their designs around. Tim also took the contestants to the Charles James exhibit at the Met for more inspiration.

Apparently they forgot to send me a piece of jewelry for my look or take me to a museum for inspiration, but I’ve been improvising despite their snubs since 2008. I chose one of my most stunning models, Maggie, and a necklace of cascading pearls to be the focus of my design.

Such an elaborate piece of jewelry deserves an understated silhouette. I chose the reverse side of a red print fabric for the bodice and one of my favorite fabrics, a crinkle chiffon, in red, for the skirt.

A peek at Mattel’s gold sandals.

The flowing A-line skirt mimics the necklace.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the look. See you next time on the runway!

Belt by Becks. Necklace gift of Lynne.

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    1. Thanks!

      Ha ha–I could never sew for real people. If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Sleeping Beauty when the fairies try to make a dress without using magic–that would be a fairly accurate prediction.

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