100 Happy Days: 77

Today I wondered: Might it be possible for me to be happy about something other than a dog? So I took my camera with me while I ran errands and meandered onto a couple of side streets away from my destinations. That’s when I discovered this, near St. Thomas University:

You can read more about Plant It Forward here. And you can enjoy these visions of a wonderful vegetable garden tucked into this busy urban area.

Now if you could only come for dinner on Friday and enjoy these fresh vegetables: baby spinach for the salad, okra, and eggplant.

I think I’ll be going back often.


6 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: 77”

    1. There is a trend toward community gardens in urban areas in the States, and there are several among Houston’s neighborhoods for personal use and for selling at Farmers’ Markets in the city.

      This particular garden, rather than being a community garden, is part of a network of gardens tended by refugees. After escaping their own countries, often for political persecution, refugees with farming experience can join this program for specific kinds of training. Then they open their own gardens using the practices they’ve learned (such as as organic farming), and sell the produce to individuals and various other buyers (like restaurants, I think). The guy I talked to when I stopped by was a volunteer who helps out the actual grower, who had to be away for an hour or so.

      It’s all a win for all of us!

    1. Okra and tomatoes are two great tastes that taste great together. Okra, cornbread, pinto beans, sliced tomatoes, and pan fried potatoes: pretty much my favorite meal.

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