100 Happy Days: 73

This is going to be meta, I guess, but what made me happy today was getting up to date on several different projects of one type or another. They included updating my Tumblr account. I’d begun putting these #100happydays posts there with that hashtag, but I was, oh, about 43 behind. All caught up now!

This is always a touchy subject with me, because Aries are known as idea people and great starters but poor finishers. I’ve been disproving that theory for a couple of decades, but it’s still a criticism that stings because it contains a stupid grain of truth.

For example, tonight I talked to Marika on the phone and told her an idea I’ve been kicking around for a novel.

“WRITE IT!” she demanded.

“Oh…I had the idea…why don’t you write it?” I suggested.

Aries are also great delegators.

Marika declined.


5 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: 73”

  1. Marika would love to write it, but if she did, she knows what would happen. It would be a huge hit, HBO would option it, starring Emma Watson. It would be a huge hit, Dash and Marika would be rolling in money. That red truck Marika bought you when the book became a best seller is no longer enough … then starts the writers’ literary feud. Marika shan’t write it because Marika values your friendship. Plus she doesn’t think she could do it justice … Marika could never write it like you.

    By the way, it really is a good idea … keep pondering, because now I’m thinking about it too and I want answers.

      1. I watched Running From Crazy the film by Mariel Hemingway, it was really good … well as good as that type of documentary can be. it was very touching and thought provoking.

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