Runway Monday: Unconventional Movie Night (PR 13:2)

In the second challenge of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the designers were taken to Manhattan’s Village East Cinema and told they could remove whatever they could carry from the theater’s props and concession items to create an unconventional materials look. They were working in teams, and I don’t have one. Though I’m still looking for workroom elves who don’t want to be paid. I have plenty for you to do.

If I’d only watched this episode a day or two earlier, I could have snagged some things from the Alamo Draft House Cinema. Instead, I found candy with film-themed wrapping. This is what I used to create a fabric for a movie-inspired dress for my model Caprice.

Can you see the reels of film winding around each of her shoulders?

Hope this look makes you want to pop some corn and watch your favorite movie. See you next time on the runway!

Caprice gift of Timothy J. Lambert. Shoes and jewelry by Mattel. Belt by Becks.

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8 thoughts on “Runway Monday: Unconventional Movie Night (PR 13:2)”

  1. Bet you didn’t have any trouble finding someone to help eat the candy? Still haven’t tried to find LIFETIME on my TV lineup. Charter changed all the channel numbers when they expanded in January. The new lineup covers an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper in a very small type face I need a magnifying glass to read.

    1. Making it so hard to watch TV is one reason I don’t. Between all those channels (with nothing on), all those remotes, and not being able to remember where stuff is, it’s just easier to read a book. =) (Man, I sound SO OLD and a lot like my mother.)

  2. BLASPHEMY … there is something always on tv … my DVR is ALWAYS at 50 % full …. I try to get below that and I go on a recording binge.

    But to your dress I like, but I must ask you the same thing I wondered about the designers … why no popcorn?

  3. This is cute. As is often the case, much better than anything on the show this week. As much as I like Amanda (Team Nashville!), I wasn’t particularly impressed with the winning collection. In fact, I called it on the bottom. I genuinely felt bad for the little purple haired girl.

    1. Thanks!

      I don’t think she’d have been auf’d if the other chick hadn’t had immunity. What do you want to bet we see her on some future All Stars show? I know she sounded bitter and angry, but it’s probably hard to go out that way.

      I actually loved the dress that Mitchell made–and Char’s, too. I thought they’d be the winning team.

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