14 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: 34”

  1. My thing with that postcard … Bobby Vinton and Glen Miller, aren’t they from two different eras?

    You kinda want to see the Osmonds. don’t you… not even a question.

    1. It’s fusion! (Wait. Is fusion still a thing?)

      No, I was never an Osmonds girl. I remember how annoying it was when they were all over my teen magazines instead of my guys.

    2. Actually Bobby Vinton (79) was born in the Glen Miller era and his father was also the leader of a Big Band of that era. Bobby Vinton’s first recording contract in 1960 was not as a singer, but a band leader. He was billed as A Young Man With a Big Band. Supposedly he was able to play every instrument in his band. He was also known as the Polish Prince and was very popular with people of Polish ancestry. Hey, I even liked him, though I was just a wee tot in that pre-Beetles era.

        1. I never get him mixed up with Bobby Goldsboro, but I get him confused with Bobby Vee, plus I always swear one of them is the singer of songs that were actually hits for Marty Robbins and The Happenings.

          Now–who’s the cop?

            1. Bobby Sherman became a cop? I had no idea.

              Bobby Vee sang “Come Back When You Grow Up” and “Take Good Care of My Baby.”

              I guess Robert was an extraordinarily popular baby name when they were all born.

                1. So he actually turned out to be an interesting person and a good guy. Damn. Lynne and I will have to eat our disparaging words directed at our Bobby Sherman fangirl classmates. But only if they show up here and demand it.

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