Button Sunday

Happy Pride weekend to those celebrating it across the country. I walked to Houston’s Pride parade last night. Though there’d been rain during the day and I feared the humidity might kill me, there was actually a breeze blowing so it was almost pleasant. I don’t know how we used to endure the heat during midday parades.

Though I haven’t gone to the parade for the last couple of years mostly because of the heat, this year I was more motivated. Tim made me aware that designer Mondo Guerra, “Project Runway” veteran, was the parade’s celebrity grand marshal. As much as I enjoyed Mondo’s creations on PR, I most admire him for his HIV/AIDS awareness advocacy.

I was able to get a good couple of photos. In addition to his bold designs and activism, Mondo (in the red slacks) has quite a collection of eyeglasses. Last night’s frames sparkled.


3 thoughts on “Button Sunday”

  1. I wanted to go to the Pride Parade today to cheer on our mayor who sponsored the marriage of four gay couples in his office this week in order to provoke a legal action that could lead to Missouri’s one man/one woman marriage amendment to the state constitution being declared unconstitutional. Unfortunately, we’re also being plagued with rain and thunder storms again today.

      1. Yes, but I saw his Twitter posts on facebook when I checked in to see how the family was doing today. It’s amazing how impersonal the world has become. My older younger brother and I are the only members of the family to stay in touch via phone calls.

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