6 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 401”

    1. Streetcars and trolleys–so alluring to us living in cities that don’t have them. And when I watch “Mad Men,” I long for commuter trains. And I don’t even commute.

      1. I bet that’s the same streetcar I rode to the zoo, which just closed when we got there. (Well, it’s the same style and color, anyway) The security guy gave us a ride to the bus stop for the journey back. That was in 2005.

        I met a lot of interesting people on trains, even on the tube. I never got a free dance though.

        1. That article was interesting–I guess I avoid the possibility of making mistakes by not traveling internationally.

          And boy, they REALLY don’t want anyone messing around on the tube, do they? Barely a smattering of applause.

          1. If they did this on DC’s metrorail, either a huge crowd would be cheering or someone would run off with the boom box. I would hope for the warmer reception.

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