Button Sunday

Whether you’re a Princess Bride dad, a godfather, a Jedi dad, a Monty Python dad, a couple of dads, a father-in-law, a stepdad, an adoptive dad, a mentor dad–for every bad-joking, storytelling, barbecuing, sport-watching, chauffeuring, hardworking, loving dad out there–Happy Father’s Day!

And by the way, COW!


17 thoughts on “Button Sunday”

      1. More puns?!?

        Are you doubting the animal on this button is a bull? I’m mostly relieved the drawing isn’t too anatomically accurate, but button cow does kind of resemble this:

        and less this:

    1. Well, a cow produces milk, but she calves to do so, and she needs a male partner–or at least to be inseminated–to calve. So both male and female are involved.

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