Bird is the Word

April 8 is Draw A Bird Day!

I first did this back in 2010, when the day coincided with One Day Without Shoes. I gave my bird shoes that day in recognition of the importance of issues surrounding children’s health and education.

In 2011, the bird was part of my Magnetic Poetry daily challenge.

I missed the date in 2012 and 2013, so there’s nothing in my Moleskine to photograph. =(

I’ve been enduring a migraine for a couple of days; thanks to meds, I slept about eleven hours. After waking up, for some reason, I was sitting here and wondered, When is Draw A Bird Day?, looked it up, and found out it’s today!

This year’s entry has my bird still in pink fuzzy slippers, up too late to bother with the worm, and the sun is in shards because when I have a migraine, the sun is no friend to my eyes. I’m glad it’s shining beautifully on this spring day, however.

Please let me know if you Draw A Bird today!


8 thoughts on “Bird is the Word”

  1. Alas, I ran out of birds to fold, but I did fold a cicada in my ongoing salute to summer insects we’ll probably never see this year because we’re stuck in this Bill Murray world of deja vu winter. I like your little bird, and Renee and I made sure to go out and feed the little birds who live in my backyard cedar trees. They’ve had a real hard winter this year.

    Hope your migraine goes away.

    1. Thank you, I believe the migraine is gone!

      You and Renee are good to birds. =)

      Last night I went through about a year’s worth of snail mail and enjoyed all over again the cards I received from you and Renee–and I also took my little Demon out of the envelope and tucked him into my Moleskine. So freakin’ cute.

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