There’ll be magic, there’ll be fun…

Miss Lila turned six at the end of March and had a party then, but on Saturday, she had another big party at G (her grandmother Lynne)’s house. The theme was Frozen and fortunately, Lila has the DVD of the movie so I finally was able to watch and enjoy it. (Of course, now I’ll again have that song on my mind for the next week or so until I let it go, let it go…)

Lynne really knows how to put a party together. Everyone had a great time. Along with the opportunity for all the kids to create their own Frozen art work (using salt crystals)…

There was an inflatable castle bounce house.

For part of her party, Lila wore her Frozen princess dress that G made her.

Then there was the Frozen cake G made (delicious, as always), with Princesses Elsa and Anna joining Lila’s celebration.

Age six is off to a great start!


4 thoughts on “There’ll be magic, there’ll be fun…”

  1. what a day that was. i am glad everyone had fun (seemed to) and that she had a great day. I am very thankful for the plumber!

    1. It was clear everyone was having a good time. The day was beautiful, the yard looked amazing, there was lots of fun, space, and activity for the kids–a great party to celebrate a landmark birthday. She is one lucky grandchild!

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