A house divided

Tom and I, like my father before us, are graduates of the University of Alabama. We found ourselves in enemy territory recently when we spent a couple of nights in Auburn, Alabama’s greatest rival. My brother David and his son Daniel both went to Auburn, and Daniel’s mother Terri is a passionate Auburn football fan. Her walls and furniture bear testament to that. Among all the sports pages and signed photos and sports art and other items she owns, however, below are my favorite things.

These are renditions of Auburn University’s Samford Hall, with its clock tower. The bottom one was drawn by Daniel when he was five. The middle one was drawn by Daniel’s son David when he, too, was five. And the top one was drawn by Daniel’s younger son Steven when he was eight or nine. Some notes: In Daniel’s drawing, there is a subtle Mickey Mouse silhouette above the clock. That’s because a group of students snuck into the tower that year and put a Mickey Mouse face and hands on the clock as a prank. Also in his drawing, that’s not a plane flying close to the sun; it’s an eagle, for Auburn’s battle cry “War Eagle!”

I shot this photo of Samford Hall as we drove by. Auburn is a beautiful little college town. It’s just not Tuscaloosa. =)


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  1. So you just couldn’t let well enough be, could you? Your remark regarding, “…walls and furniture bear testament….” Bear, yeah we get it. Trivia question: what is the only university where I’ve coached that has had a Heisman award winner (three of them, as a matter of fact)?


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