Monday morning you sure look fine…

If I have to be up this early (thank you, Margot and Guinness), at least the first thing I saw online is the interview Gavin Atlas did with Tim and me for Jerry Wheeler’s Out In Print blog. You can read it here if you’re interested. Thanks, Gavin and Jerry.

I hope good reviews start showing up on all the book sites soon. The contributors to both Foolish Hearts and Best Gay Romance 2014 wrote outstanding stories. They make it a pleasure to be an editor.

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9 Responses to Monday morning you sure look fine…

  1. James says:

    I’ve been checking around various sites for reviews like every day for the past two weeks, lol. It’s pretty pathetic. I’ll have my reviews for each book up next week though; almost done with Foolish Hearts and loving it!

  2. Robert Edler says:

    Mine are floating around out there somewhere on the interweb (at least three locations) with a headline you can’t miss.


  3. Marika says:

    That is a great interview – very thoughtful!

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