From the earliest days of our writing as Timothy James Beck, Houston’s OutSmart Magazine has been good to us with articles and reviews. When Tim talked to them about the releases of our edited anthologies Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction and Best Gay Romance 2014, they not only got David Goldberg to interview us for an article, but they made it a cover story that also turned the spotlight on Rescued Pets Movement.

A few days ago I showed you a photo I took of adoptable dog Stouffer, who was the canine model for the photo shoot. Here are more shots I took that day:

Tim waiting for a shot to be set up.
Stouffer posing for Theresa.
Stouffer giving Tim some love while Theresa and John set up a shot.

The magazine is available in Houston now, but you can also read it online and see photographer Theresa DiMenno’s wonderful photographs. We’re excited to think of all the people who might read the outstanding tales in the two collections thanks to the publicity. We also hope Stouffer and all the other RPM dogs available for adoption find their forever homes soon. Those would be the happiest tails of all. =)

Photo by Theresa DiMenno, ©2014.

Click here to read the full article.


19 thoughts on “OutSmart!”

      1. I’ve just read the OutSmart article. It was really interesting to hear what you guys had to say. Part of me really wants to find a writing partner, but I’m not sure how one would go about it? I think it would be excellent motivation, but maybe that’s just an excuse for not sitting down and writing. Can I afford to spend any more time on the internet..?

        Great to read the excerpt from Tim’s story too. It made me smile. Us vegetarians must taste most bland to discerning mossies! And meditation is something I want to do more of.

        1. I know we didn’t set out to be writing partners (any of us). It just sort of happened organically, and we were only having fun to start with. If we’d intended to write a novel together when we started, it probably never would have happened.

          1. Yes, that was very fortunate. I don’t think it’s likely to happen with me. I seem to have a problem getting out there and connecting with people.

            Life’s passing by, though. I started writing at 17 and am still no further ahead. Hmm. Time for a kick up the bum, methinks!

            1. Most writing is a solitary act. But it’d be nice if you had a writers’ group or something to keep you motivated. That really was key for us, I think. We had to write something, anything, within a set time and pass it on. Even if you weren’t writing collaboratively, it’s pretty much the way things work in writing programs. You have a deadline for writing and readers to provide feedback.

              1. Yes, I agree. I think the motivation would be good for me. I don’t know that it increases the chances of an editor saying ‘Yes’, but it’s a fun activity anyway.

                1. Well, it’s to be hoped that other readers would help you polish your writing, so that gets you closer to a yes. Plus unless you’re writing, no one can say yes!

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