Good stuff

I haven’t shared on here yet that I finally have actual physical copies of this in my hand.

There is no immediate gratification in publishing. I think we announced the final table of contents last January, after months of reading submittals and interacting with authors on changes, contracts, and other such things. So from the time Cleis gives us the “go” until we hold a book, it’s about a year. But there are many other gratifications along the way: reading good stories, getting to know new writers, reconnecting with writers we’ve known for a while and exchanging news about our lives, editing and polishing their stories, seeing the cover for the first time, reading galleys, and getting to work with all the different people at Cleis who make this happen. It takes a village to raise a book, too!

That mug next to the book is one of my gifts from Lisa S. It will be the official coffee cup of 2014. At least for hot coffee. (I do use other cups, but I tend to favor one over all the others every year.)

There’s also a new iced coffee cup, seen here with some of the other fruit slice delights I received from Laura and Lynne at Christmas. Comedians.

As for who has the famous lime coasters now…

See how thrilled and touched she is over this?!?

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27 Responses to Good stuff

  1. Mark says:

    I’m looking forward to reading it! Where can I get my hands on a signed copy..?

    Do you know what book you’ll be working on next?

  2. Gary says:

    I am loving Foolish Hearts so far. I have read 6 stories, I think. I fell asleep trying to finish Tim’s about 2:30. I should have stopped with the one before and turned the light off, but I kept saying, just one more…

  3. ablueskyboy says:

    I was wondering where those coasters went.

  4. Lisa S says:

    Glad you like the mug.
    I always think of you when I see lemon/lime stuff. 🙂

  5. Laurel Regan says:

    That sock monkey mug? NEED.

    • Becky says:

      Ha ha! Have you found it online yet? That’s always my first thing to do when I see something I want–google search! (I think it may be a Pier One product.)

      • Laurel Regan says:

        I don’t DARE bring another mug into the house, LOL! Our cupboards are fast reaching the “one in, one out” point when it comes to mugs, and I don’t have any that I’m quite ready to part with! But I have a thing for sock monkeys, so that one is going on the list.

  6. Robert Edler says:

    Lusting for a monkey mug and they’ve got three at my Pier One. And the book is GREAT READING! Thanks for all the hard work you and Timothy and all the writers put into it.

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