Where have all the minions gone?

“Minions, huh? I wonder where I can get some of those…”

I’m with Katnip. I need some minions. I like to delegate. Does anyone want to work for free? How about for dog kisses? A mini Heath bar? Anyone?

The Adventures of Katnip: 54


14 thoughts on “Where have all the minions gone?”

        1. I don’t wear boots.

          Now let me ask you this: Look at my post’s title. Does it make you think of a song? Does the song say, “Where have all the flowers gone…” or does the song say, “Where have all the cowboys gone?” (This is not related to boots.)

          1. Cowboys.

            I associate the flowers songs with saddness… you see the minions with the title so there is no sadness there … but honestly no song came to mind until you mentioned it. but when I moved up definitely cowboys.

    1. I think most of us would accept a single minion over no minions. Also, they only get new eyes when they need to roll them over something being said by…the minion keeper? Is there a name for a minion boss?

      (I believe Cuddle and Riley are indicating that Katnip already has two minions. I expect them to unionize for better pay and benefits any day now.)

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