The Long and Winding Road

Last week at the RPM loading of the van to send dogs and cats to their new homes in Colorado, I took particular notice of this guy. He’s one of a litter of five–all gorgeous, their coats like velvet–who were being taken home for a few more days of fostering by one of the terrific volunteers who make saving these animals possible.

He’s cute, right? Sweetest little face. Of course to me, every one of them is uniquely beautiful. The reason he caught my attention is that someone named him Riley. In my life, Riley was one of the friends I loved most in the world from the time we were fourteen. He died too young in 2008. Since he knew and was amused that I named a villain in a TJB book after him, I think he’d really appreciate knowing he shares his name with this handsome guy. Riley the puppy will make someone a great best friend in his new home.

You can see photos of the other twenty-six dogs traveling with Riley tonight by clicking here.

ETA on December 4: Riley has been adopted! I think he’s going to have the best Christmas ever.


6 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road”

  1. Riley looks like Mlle. Renee did in her puppy days. And while her coat is no longer like velvet, it is sleek, smooth and shiney. (Except when she gets her late summer itchies.) Does his tail point up when he runs? And does it have a white tip?

    1. I don’t remember if his tail has a white tip. But I suspect it wags like crazy when he’s having a good time in his new home.

      I love the slick coated dogs, including Renee.

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