The Princesses and the P

This is Pollock. I don’t know how many of you follow Tim on social media and saw his big announcement, but Pollock has come to The Compound to be a little brother to Tim’s dogs Pixie and Penny. Now Tim has three Ps in a pod.

Tim’s taking his first non-work related trip in a long time, so Pollock and his sisters are staying with us. Expect more pictures of all three dogs, because I know Tim is already missing them like crazy. He’s a good dog dad.

Pixie loves to play with Pollock. Penny is learning to play with him. As for our dogs Margot and Guinness, they want nothing to do with him. Being grande dames, they have no patience for puppy antics. But that’s okay. Pollock is happy to entertain himself when the others are napping doing important big dog things.

Or…c’mon. If you’re ready for an adventure, Pollock is, too!


19 thoughts on “The Princesses and the P”

  1. That last photo is a picture of a puppy who knows he lucked out when he was adopted to his new home. And he looks so intelligent. Either that, or he’s planning some mischief or attack on the other dogs.

      1. It would be VERY interesting to see what they made of him! There was a huge dog at the house where they lived before we adopted them, but they were just three months old at the time and tended to stay out of his way.

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