Columbus Day

I shot these last year in Houston’s Bell Park.

This seven-feet tall, half-ton bronze sculpture is the work of artist Joe Incrapera. It was commissioned by the Italian/American Organizations of Greater Houston, Inc., and donated to the city in 1992. Here’s where Columbus is pointing:

I’m not making any jokes about men asking for directions.

ETA: If you want to feel mass amounts of hostility toward Christopher Columbus (notice I didn’t say “Happy Columbus Day” anywhere in this post because I’ve long known we were sold a bill of goods with that 1492/ocean blue stuff, because: Native Americans and Vikings!), you can read this opposing tale of misery here, in a link provided courtesy of Cousin Ron.


15 thoughts on “Columbus Day”

  1. Alas, I was part of the last generation of school kids to be taught the myth of Columbus. But as we now know, he paid for his sins in his own lifetime and ended up with nothing. And though he has many final resting places, nobody really knows where he’s buried.

    1. Apparently at least some of his bones are in Spain. But other bones could be elsewhere. I guess his journeying is not completely over until everyone can come to terms with settling the matter once and for all.

  2. It’s still “Happy Columbus Day” to me, but that’s only because it’s a federal holiday and a paid day off. Well, it would have been, if I weren’t still FURLOUGHED!!!

  3. I hope he’s shouting, “There they are! Those little rascals stole my pants! Oh I’ll get you for this!” And, the world was never the same again.

    Greed kills.

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