Models are not cooperative

It’s no easier to wrangle dogs than to herd cats. I’ve been trying since Thursday to get some good pictures of a couple of visitors to The Compound with their smaller doppelgängers. For example, I’m betting if you’ve seen photos of Margot, you think this is another one:

Nope, that is Calvin. But trying to get Calvin and Margot in one place is nearly impossible.

Here’s Margot saying, “No photos, please!”

Oh, look!

Calvin on the right, with his mini-me Margot on the left. And who’s that in the background?

Guinness, maybe?

Nope, it’s McGrady.

I ALMOST shot a non-blurry photo of McGrady with his mini-me Guinness.

You know who can take a great profile shot? Pixie!

Penny wonders if this peace collar helps elongate her neck.

Calvin! Come back!


18 thoughts on “Models are not cooperative”

    1. That’d be Tom. =) Although in the photo of Pixie, she was just looking up because she’s a great poser. Probably all that practice with Tim and Tuesdays With Pixie.

    1. They are so beautiful but very serious. I think they’re probably doing quadratic equations in their heads while you’re attempting to pose them.

    2. edit: Michelle is on the RIGHT, the tan and white. Molly is on the LEFT (the other, right?), the black and white.

        1. It was a settlement with the Spanish Inquisition that I didn’t expect. Their agent works in mysterious ways, usually to ensure they get their treats quota as a trade for no poop in the house. We’re making progress there too, until Molly (the one on the left, remember) was skunked the other night. Apparently, there are up to 7 or 8 baby skunks living under a neighbor’s house.

  1. And the other thing I think when I see this is …

    Ain’t no party like a puppy party, ‘cuz a puppy party don’t stop … although clearly it does, ask Calvin.

    1. Calvin’s all, “Exit, stage right. Party of one.”

      Took me a while to figure out that stage direction, but I’m Cal’s audience, behind him.

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