16 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 356”

  1. Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
    We’re the best of friends
    Insisting that the world keep turning our way
    and our way
    is on the road again

    Love the song … also the pic.

      1. OR: Willie singing “Can I sleep in your arms tonight, lady?” My mother said the version of that she heard growing up was “Can I sleep in your barn tonight, mister?” Either way, werewolf!

        1. or a nice take on Hello Walls

          Hello Paws
          How did things go for you today
          Don’t you miss her?
          Since she up and changed away.
          And I bet you hate to spend another moonlit night with me
          But lonely paws, the wolf’s good company.

          1. Well, you know that in my universe, werewolves would be a little more brooding and emotionally tortured than violent and cruel.

      1. Due to complaints from motorists, all the streetcars in St. Louis were phased out and replaced by buses in the 50s and the tracks were paved over. Before that streetcars were the main mode of public transportation locally. The nostalgia project would only run for 12 blocks from the History Museum in Forest Park (the site where the original clang, clang, clang trolleys delivered visitors to the 1904 World’s Fair) to the historic Delmar Loop where the streetcars used to turn around before heading back into the city.
        The project has been held up for the past five years by a group that wants to use buses painted to look like the old streetcars and a recorded clang, clang, clang sound effect.

  2. I’m sure, under all those advertizing placards, there must be some graffiti saying “Desire” in huge lustful letters. 🙂

    About 5 miles away, along another road with a bike path, there were some rail tracks being removed, and a society that wants street cars back was furious. They just started buying up land for a station and rail yard, and they wanted to reuse the track. I think they would have been better off in the long run replacing the track. I never got the chance to take pictures, but there were lots of not-quite-young trees growing up between the tracks. The cleaners chopped those trees away too.

    1. “Desire” does sound more romantic than “Canal.”

      Anything on a track continues to hold magic for me–train, streetcar, even light rail. I reckon it’s a holdover from childhood.

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