July Photo A Day: Friendship

Tim and Lloyd.

Friends we have fun with. Friends we confide in and trust. Friends who understand us. Friends for going out, or playing games, or taking care of us when we’re sick or hurt or weak. Friends who are honest with us, even when the truth is hard. Friends who support us through our toughest times. Friends willing to laugh with us, cry with us, stand up for us, and make tough decisions with us. Friends who are there for us. Friends who celebrate our successes, encourage what’s best about us, don’t see us as flawed but as growing. Friends who offer us the gift of loyalty.

Thank you, Tim, on behalf of all the people, dogs, and cats who know the value and depth of your friendship.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


8 thoughts on “July Photo A Day: Friendship”

  1. Dang Becks, you get so many handsome guys there at the compound – man and dog alike!

    and yes, thank you Tim, Dash and I both call you friend …

    1. Apparently people aren’t thankful enough, because my filter sent this to the spam folder, where it languished for two days until I found it. =)

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