8 thoughts on “July Photo A Day: Smooth”

    1. I have many preciouses!

      I think you must mean the citrine, but going from memory, these are what I think the stones are:

      (Though the lapis is so dark in the photo and has something red reflecting off of it–but that one I know.)

  1. These stones are so pretty. And peaceful looking.
    Only a couple of weeks ago I asked ‘Nathan a question regarding stones…and (after offering an answer because ‘Nathan is always so marvelous) He reminded me of your way with crystals. And tonight I saw this photograph.


    1. I’m trying to remember if ‘Nathan’s seen my “working” stones. He’s probably just seen the shelf full in my living room. That’s the best corner of the house for great energy. =)

  2. My parents went “panning for gold” (AKA dip a metal dish in a rectangle bucket of mud covered with water and sift for crystals instead) during the Donkey Days, during a thunderstorm. I’m not sure which is safer. Mom does this so that she can collect the crystal pieces (especially the tiny ones). She makes sun catchers with them and stained glass. She plans to open a kiosk and sell them. I think she just enjoys playing pirates in the muddy fish tanks looking for buried treasures.

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