July Photo A Day: Where You Are

One of Houston’s supersized antique malls. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a person who shops. But I’m on a mission for a few things, so I’ve been hitting some thrift and antique stores. This will cure any itch to shop for another five to seven years, probably.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


6 thoughts on “July Photo A Day: Where You Are”

    1. It’s a pleasant place actually; I’ve been shopping there since not long after we moved to Houston in 1989. It’s kind of off the beaten path and isolated, yet quite close to a heavily trafficked interstate, so I don’t blame them. Also, the location hosts many, many antique and collectibles dealers, so they probably need heightened security for insurance reasons.

      1. Didn’t realize it was a multi-outlet location. We had one in STL that lasted all of 16-months. Most of the antique shops are in the far southeast city now, and I haven’t been down that way in years.

        1. This is one of a couple of antique malls I go to, and I think there are a couple more. I always wonder how they survive, because they never seem that busy to me–although business picks up during the Christmas season.

          I heard a story on NPR the other day about an eBay seller. She spends about thirty hours a week hitting yard sales and thrift stores, listing her items, and shipping out–and can make $10,000 a MONTH. People will buy anything, and online auctions are a more efficient way to find customers, I guess!

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