30 Days of Creativity: Day 29–Layers

The Adventures of Katnip: 49

“Cookbooks are magical, too,” Cuddle said.

I wasn’t surprised that a critter made by Russell Stover wanted to re-create a chocolate cake from the old Good Housekeeping Cookbook we ran into.

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Katnip’s spirit was willing, but either my chocolate, my tools, or my skills were weak, because my chocolate shavings only crumbled. It doesn’t matter: Happy Pride, Houston! I baked you a cake.


11 thoughts on “30 Days of Creativity: Day 29–Layers”

    1. How could you do such a thing. It can’t help that it just happens to look like a chocolate cake topped with chocolate shavings and frosting. It… got a knife? A knife? Inside the cake? An escape plan?

        1. It does indeed. I was looking up recipes for gooey brownies. Once upon a Blacksburg era, Bollo’s downtown bakery made awesome “Exceedingly Gooey Brownies” and “Oat Fudge Bars.” Oh! Those were the days, and I still haven’t found a place like it around here.

    1. Slacker. 😉

      Over on FB, Amy apparently read your comment and wants a Dreamsicle Orange Chocolate Chip Cookie now.

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