Silver Anniversary

Tom and I married twenty-five years ago today. Yes, I married at age ten. Do I have to keep reminding you that I’m Southern?

Beautiful cut flowers, miniature roses to plant, and a new Abby Road iPhone case (happy birthday to Sir Paul!).

Also, to Tim: the Gay Agenda called to express disappointment that in sixteen of those twenty-five years, you’ve failed to destroy our marriage. Under-achiever.


22 thoughts on “Silver Anniversary”

    1. Tell Tim I donโ€™t think heโ€™s trying very hard.

      I swear, it’s like he WANTS us to stay together or something.

  1. Happy Anniversary! I noticed it was Sir Paul’s birthday yesterday and thought of you.

    You mean Tim hasn’t converted Tom to the dark side..?

    1. Thanks very much!

      Nope, even after twelve U.S. states and fifteen countries worldwide allow same sex marriage, The Gays™ still have not destroyed mine.

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