Double Shot

Some of my favorite people in the world at the Hobbit Cafe–Tom, Alan, Dan, ‘Nathan, John, Matt, Rhonda, and Lindsey.

I made ‘Nathan pose for this one and only later realized the reflection of the lights provided a new perspective of Gandalf. He will defeat you with his laser eye!


8 thoughts on “Double Shot”

    1. Darn fangled zap-powie. When I were a-youngun them were rings, made up there Mount Doom’s fires, not them fancy shootin’ 😉

    1. Yes. This is the second time ‘Nathan and Dan have spent a few days in Houston before going to NOLA for S&S. Lindsey and Rhonda host them, plus they spend lots of time at The Compound being indoctrinated by the dogs into getting their own someday.

      Tim was working and couldn’t join us, but the best server and host in the world manned the camera for us. This guy was amazing handling a party of nine when the restaurant was short staffed. Plus I pointed out that he looked like actors John Krasinski and Taylor Lautner had a child together.

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