And Bosco was his name-o

Still no repaired camera. Barbie and I have been forced to take photos with the iPhone.

Semi-met this dog today while he waited for his girl to come back. Whenever I see dogs tied up like this outside businesses, I don’t approach them. I just park near them and wait for a while to make sure someone’s coming back for them before I sound the alarm to the dog rescuers I know.

Long before I saw his girl heading his way, he did; that tail began wagging like crazy, and that’s when I heard her call his name. He was a very well behaved and patient boy.


14 thoughts on “And Bosco was his name-o”

    1. I try. I’m sure there was a more halcyon time when this was routine–a dog following you all over town, usually not even on a leash. At least in Mayberry!

      Now people do abandon dogs this way sometimes, and that’s why both Tim and I usually sit and wait until the dog is claimed. This is how Lynne found Paco and another dog. The poodle’s leash was hooked to a fire hydrant, but Paco and his leash were running free. She rescued them both after going door to door to try to find their family. The poodle was adopted, too, through Scout’s Honor.

      There’s a collie in Maine who I would take right now if I lived there. I’ll never understand how people can abandon or drop cats and dogs who’ve been loving and loyal companions. They are cowards. If they can’t rehome their animals or get them into a rescue program, it’s kinder to have them put down than to leave them to fend for themselves in an empty house, an unfamiliar rural location, or a busy street.

  1. Scruff and Poppy would go mental if I tried to do that to them. It’s too risky, anyway – too many dognappings.

    1. Margot would probably slip her collar and be gone. Just the thought makes me shudder. I guess some dogs have the temperament for it. I will say that the woman had a constant view of the dog from the building she was in. But definitely if the dog was friendly, anyone could have had him inside a truck or car in seconds.

  2. A week ago I went to the grocer’s and there was a cute little white west highland terrier tied to the pole just at the entrance. When I left, there was this huge, huge black wooly huge dog that was just huge, tied to the same pole at the entrance. Hopefully, the terrier was not the huge dog’s breakfast at the entrance of the food store. It seemed like cruel punishment to leave them tied to the gates of temptation going…

    1. The dog in that video is clearly in need of rehab for bacon abuse.

      Maybe the grocery store dog was a shapeshifter!

      1. The video was all I was thinking inside the store!

        A shape-shifter dog would be awesome. I’m trying to train Molly to share food with Michelle. Molly is older and has always been stubborn when it comes to stuff going into her mouth. Michelle is still a puppy. Whenever I give them treats, Molly almost swallows hers whole so that she can pounce onto Michelle and steal hers. If Michelle is a shape-shifter, I would like to see her scare the fur off of Molly.

  3. Houston is not very dog friendly. more businesses should allow leashed dogs in. I used to take Minute with me to Home Depot until i noticed a sign that says NO PETS. Really? in Home Depot??? Now I go to Ace Hardware where the owner frenquently has his dogs there. Or Lowe’s.

    1. There are starting to be a lot more dog-friendly pubs and restaurants in the Heights and Montrose areas with outdoor patios where dogs are welcome or attached mini dog parks for them to run and play. Very cool. I remember visiting Southern California in 1998 and being awed by all the places like that, wondering why we didn’t have them here.

      1. I should add that my dogs do not want these opportunities. They like to stay home especially now that they’re older. But plenty of dogs love outings.

    2. This is probably due to the pet owners not cleaning up after their pets, and it’s not the employees’ job to do so. My Dad thinks that he doesn’t have to clean up after his dogs when he takes them for walks in the park, and I can’t convince him otherwise. So, I just don’t go with him anymore. Eventually, the park police are going to give him a ticket.

        1. Been there, done that. We even have a poop bag holder tied to the leash. I guess it’s social, as there are other “fenced” parks where dogs can run around off-leash. But this park isn’t one of those, just certain parks. Since some dog owners at this park don’t keep their dogs on leashes and don’t clean up, he insists we don’t have to either, to the scorn of passer-by. It appears that pet laws around here are nice thoughts on paper. I declare revolution.

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