Paper dolls

I’m not a fashion blogger–and I’m certainly not fashionable–but I do like to play and create stuff. I finally checked out Polyvore just so I could add some make-believe to my day. (I miss my camera.) It suddenly occurred to me that I can use this to dress a character from time to time. Would these descriptions ever make it into fiction? Who knows. But a writer always knows tons more about a character than she shares with readers.

Here’s my first Polyvore board, called “Coffee Date.” I made it without even looking at price tags, and that’s how I ended up with a chick in an eight dollar pair of hipster sunglasses and a $228 pair of distressed jeans. Back to the drawing board. =)

Coffee Date

Oasis printed sweater
$62 –

Oasis jacket
$74 –


16 thoughts on “Paper dolls”

  1. I’m sure glad they don’t do this for guys. I have a hard enough time standing in my walk-in closet pondering over what to wear every morning. And sometimes it’s hard to match your briefs to your tee-shirt.

    1. You have a walk-in closet. That puts you way ahead of me. Our closets are too small for me to be concerned with fashion. I’m just lucky I can get a couple of seasons of clothes in there. In fact, I have garment bags with dresses and rarely worn clothes in the garage.

  2. What happened to your camera that you miss it? I guess I missed it. 😉 (Or do I slightly remember that it was going into the shop for some reason?)

    1. The day I went to meet Pier the burned dog (two weeks ago?), it stopped taking photos as I was rapid-firing at him and Griffin, his potential new brother. I got a weird error message. Looked it up online, saw a potential fix, tried it as best I could. The camera worked for another week, then it froze and the error message came back.

      So I took it to a local repair shop, because he told me it could be fixed (for an insanely high price, but this is just par for this year, which has been wrecking me financially) in two to three days, as compared to the two months if I sent it to Nikon. Two or three days has now turned into maybe next week.

      I’ll be begging for a camera to borrow if it’s not ready by the time the Canadians arrive and I go to NOLA. Meanwhile, I use my camera every single day, so this is pretty much torment for me.

      1. Sometimes, I think these error messages (being the computer geek I am) should just say something like, “Give us more money or we’ll publish that really bad photo of yourself you deleted 8 months ago.” And, the audio signal would be sinister laughter over some 1960’s horror flick soundtrack. They just don’t make them like they used to:



        1. I’m pretty sure most of us would do ANYthing to keep that bad photo of ourselves from eight months ago off the Internet. Don’t give them any ideas!

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