Photo Friday, No. 342

Current Photo Friday theme: Temperature

I shot this just after midnight; it’s a little off. We had a cold front come through Houston today. Right now, the Weather Channel says it’s 52 (degrees Fahrenheit) with an expected low of 45F. Historically, the low for this night of the year is 66F. Weather is acting crazy!

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12 thoughts on “Photo Friday, No. 342”

  1. I not only love the photo, but I wish it was 52F here. Possible snow is back in the forecast. They already have six inches around Kansas City. It has been raining here since since four this afternoon. Renee has been checking the weather on the hour so she can go out and tinkle. She finally gave up hope about 11:30 and went out in the rain. I had her fluffy towel ready to dry her off when she came inside. She tried to con me again with her you missed a spot routine pointing out areas I supposedly didn’t dry. She doesn’t like getting washed, but she just loves her fluffy towel.

    1. Thanks!

      Renee knows how to turn a bad thing (getting wet) into a fun thing (fluffy towel!). Rex used to love the hair dryer after he got a bath. Sometimes when I was drying my hair and he’d come inside the bathroom, I’d turn the dryer on him even though he wasn’t wet. He’s the only dog from the pack who ever liked it.

  2. Yesterday, the snow melted rapidly, but I was able to make two snowmen. Well, originally, it was going to be one, huge, life-size snowman, but I couldn’t lift the mid-section very well. Today, you wouldn’t know the snow came but for the mountains in the horizon.

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