April Photo A Day: My Sunday

My Sunday has definitely not been a day of rest.

Pier is wagging his tail!

First up, Pier the Miracle Dog. Some of you may have followed Pier’s story on his Facebook page. (Warning if you go to his FB page: Some of the early photos of his injuries are graphic and will break your heart.)

Pier is a black lab who was picked up by BARC in Houston after being badly–and deliberately–burned by person(s) unknown. Scout’s Honor Rescue put him in their program, and thanks to the great Scout’s Honor board members, volunteers, and the medical staffs at VERGI and Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital, Pier is healing and thriving. Pier has thousands of people all over the world who have sent love, prayers, good wishes, toys, treats, and monetary donations to help him. Sunday he was taken to a local restaurant where his Houston-area fans were invited to come and meet him.

A very good boy.

Pier is nothing but joy. No shyness, no fear, he’s happy, obedient, eager to please, friendly, and he loves his tennis balls. I cried for this dog so many days after his rescue, and getting to see him today, I cried again, but they were tears of joy. His strength and resiliency are an inspiration to me.

A new friend with Pier.

Saturday night Tim and I were up into the wee hours of the morning inputting his edits and mine into the manuscript that’s due in a few days. Today we finally compiled the twelve stories we’re submitting into one document and printed it out. We’ll each do one more read-through, add our parts (Tim in the introduction, me in the afterword), and then send it on its way. I’ve said it before: I love being able to help writers find a home for their fiction.

Finally, today is the birthday of our late friend Steve R. As we do every year, we celebrated with chocolate–this year, a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Lindsey and Rhonda joined us for dinner and cake.

That’s a lot of celebrating for one day, but note the picture of a baby in a silver frame behind the cake. That’s our godson Matthew when he was an infant. He’s eight now, and today was a special day for him, too. Matthew, Tom and I love you and we’re very proud of you!

And for those of you who follow Runway Monday, I won’t be getting my final collection up because sewing has had to take a back seat to editing. But if it’s not finished this week, it definitely will be by next Monday. Thanks for hanging in here with my Model Muses and their fashions.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


9 thoughts on “April Photo A Day: My Sunday”

    1. You’d never know from his disposition that anything bad ever happened to him–a wonderful example of living in the moment. I love dogs so much. They are great teachers.

  1. I am so glad that so many have stepped up and helped Pier — my first thought was “what kind of people ..” and then I said “Nope, I will not think of the people who did this – I will think of the people that helped… and how wonderful it is that Becks and co. got to meet this wonder dog.” I have to ask, is the little jacket he is wearing a thundercoat or is it for his recovery?

    1. It is a Thundershirt. Among his worst burns are the ones on his back, and he’ll likely always have to wear a shirt to protect his skin from the sun.

  2. Last night Renee woke me up. She had decided to sleep with me, and in the middle of the night she was crying and whimpering really loud in her sleep. I know she had a rough life as a puppy, and HSMO had to nurse her back to health for five months before they put her up for adoption. She such a loving creature, and I can’t comprehend how anyone could mistreat her or any other animal. And yes, she’s getting a new collar for her birthday and I’ve already got the recipe for the Double Carob Oatmeal Peanut Butter Dog Cookies.

    1. That is very generous of “them.” Thank you! Trust me, Pier is worth it. Tim and I saw him again later in the week. He’s a good and forgiving dog.

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