Runway Monday: Finale Part 1 (PR 11:13)

On the most recent episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway, the remaining four designers were sent home with $10,000 each; they were to put together their final collections to show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and also would be hosting Tim Gunn when he visited their homes and workspaces to mentor them. Heidi directed them to create looks for fall that would anticipate trends and even include some outerwear. When they returned to New York, they were asked to show three of the twelve looks from their collections to determine which designers would compete at Fashion Week.

I love to create fall looks and this fell in line with an idea I was considering. Last week I was reading articles leading up to the airing of a documentary about The Washington Post, the Watergate break-in, and the movie (one of my favorites) All the President’s Men. For some reason, the old riddle “What’s black and white and red all over?” kept playing through my head, and I was wondering if the time would come when kids wouldn’t get the joke because they’d never seen a black and white newspaper (that would be read all over). And just like that, I finally had the inspiration I wanted for a final collection: black and white and red.

As Tom pointed out, that was pretty much designer Daniel’s collection, too. Whatever. SPOILER ALERT: He was eliminated and I’m still here. So my black, white, and red trumps his.

For my first three looks, I chose Basics muses Louise and Tabitha, as well as Top Model Barbie, to walk the runway.

Louise comes out wearing a swing coat in a bold print over a black textured vinyl dress.

Tabitha is also wearing a bold print jacket with three-quarter-length sleeves over houndstooth trousers.

For Barbie’s look, I wanted a Fifties hostess dress retro vibe. The sheer skirt covers black clamdiggers, and the belted vest of shiny red vinyl adds hard to soft.

Three of twelve:

See you next week with the rest of my looks. Unless you want to eliminate me now! You’d save me a lot of time and needle-tormented fingers.

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10 thoughts on “Runway Monday: Finale Part 1 (PR 11:13)”

    1. I love Patty!!!!!!! She was the only one that was original!

      And she made a cape I like … what is up with that?

      I especially love your last look … you’d make the final three

    2. Ha ha, thanks! I actually like Patricia’s stuff. She interests me sort of how former contestants Austin Scarlett and Mondo Guerra do. I always want to see what they’ll do next.

    1. Thank you, Heather. I love the doll jewelry that your friend makes and think $5 a necklace seems reasonable for people who are able to buy doll stuff. I always cringe at the low prices people have to charge for the doll clothes they sell on etsy and ebay because I know how much work goes into them (and mine aren’t even that well-tailored, because I’m just showing them, not selling them).

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