April Photo A Day: On Your Mind

After a few days of over-saturating my brain with news media, sporadically pausing for escapes to nature, today I’m continuing to read and be absorbed by Cyndi Lauper’s memoir that Tim loaned me. I remember how mesmerized I was the first time I saw the video for “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Along with her unique appeal and catchy song, when Steve Forbert, a singer/songwriter who I loved, suddenly showed up as the boy with flowers among an entire cast of wacky characters, I was hooked.

It’s inspiring to read how hard she worked to hold on to her creative vision through her lean years, and I continue to admire her willingness to express herself. She calls it having a big fat mouth. I call it brave and honest.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


9 thoughts on “April Photo A Day: On Your Mind”

  1. Scott and I saw her show in New Orleans when she was there promoting her Blues cd – which by the way is amazing — she puts on an amazing show. The first half was her new material and the second half was the old stuff – and when she did Girls Just Want To Have Fun, the entire audience started to jump and sing – and I think that has to be an amazing thing to have a crowd sing your song back to you, and to know what you did meant so much to a group of people. It was the best night I ever had in New Orleans

  2. I can honestly say I own all of Cyndi’s albums, and they’re all on my i-Pod. I’ve loved her since the first time I saw her on the old MTV. But you’re too young to remember that. Her latest accomplishment was writing the score for a Broadway musical KINKY BOOTS that has been getting great reviews.

    1. It’s obvious, I hope, that my True Colors paintings borrowed from her title. She is one of my inspirations for her early work with AIDS and HIV awareness and compassion.

    2. I didn’t know she did Kinky Boots … I have all her music too .. all on my ipod as well, she and Billy Idol I will love forever … for different reasons.

      I loved the movie Kinky Boots.

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