April Photo A Day: Water

As I’ve said before, I love water. And I love salads. But now, on Day 7 of this raw food detox, I’ll admit that I’m getting weary of so many salads, even if they are all different from one another and tasty.

I don’t miss meat, and I love vegetables. But I miss cooked vegetables. And it’s weird to make meals for Tom and Tim and eat different meals myself. This photo is of their salad. Mine was precut for me by Lindsey, who’s been a champ at following the plan, putting meals together for herself, Rhonda and me, and making sure I have the right ingredients for the meals I prepare for myself.

Tonight–catch me!–because tonight, I get a vegan, organic chocolate chip cookie. I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


14 thoughts on “April Photo A Day: Water”

      1. Were you always told, as I was, that if it rained while the sun was shining, the devil was beating his wife?

        I’ve been looking at your other photos on your Flickr account, too.

        1. I don’t recall a relation between a devil and a sun shining while raining. Yet, somehow, old faithful wikipedia manages to provide quite a list. Most of them are inter-racial marriages! I don’t know why such a phenomenon has such negative implications in so many places around the world.

          In my previous comment, I linked to the photo so that others can see what I’m talking about :).

          1. EDIT: I have no issue with inter-racial marriages, nor inter-gender marriages, nor matching-gender marriages, nor marriages in general if that’s what they truly want. But, I did perceive the article with a negative tone for a weather phenomenon more rare than a weather-changing headache.

      1. I quite agree. The other day, I was trying to convince my Mom that her little off-the-shelf tray of pastea and cheeze wasn’t healthy by comparing the sodium content. It had just under the same amount of sodium per package as a full-sized canister of Original Pringles. Yet, Pringles “potato” chips has more stuff in it with dehydrated potato. It turned out that the chicken noodle soup from Campbell’s that I was having had more sodium than either of the two.

  1. I dont like the purple or the radishes … but I would eat around that, and I would top it with some salata … a delish German vinegar and a dash of krautersalz … basically as long as I have Salata and Krautersalz the rest is basic … lettuce, tomato, cucumber.

    Now I want salad

    1. After this is over, I’m posting pictures of a few more of the meals I’ve eaten. It’s been fun. I’ve tasted beef once–a little piece of Tom’s stroganoff, just to see if I felt like I was indulging myself–and was all, enh. So weird.

  2. That cookie was so effing orgasmically good. Day 8 is kicking my behind a little, and I’m a bit burned out on all the prep… Wednesday night there will be MUCH celebration.

    1. Today has been great. Yesterday was my only bad day so far. My blood sugar dropped too much just after dinner. The cookie saved me!

      Today I’ve loved, but it’s because I’m modifying stuff. Leaving out some ingredients, adding others, learning what tastes I like together. Then Tim and I went to Trader Joe’s so I could be prepared for the days after Day 10, when I don’t plan to add back meat, but will want something more substantial–like garden burgers!

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