More fun with nostalgia

This is the terrific card Timmy and Paul sent me on my birthday (thanks!), and it reminded me of Colorforms. Which sent me on another of my periodic searches for the set of Colorforms I remember having as a kid. I still didn’t find it, but I did find this Pinterest board with a bunch of old games and toys on it that you might enjoy. When I was scrolling through it, I found a game I’d forgotten from my childhood.

©Christian Montone

I LOVED playing this! I even remember the TV show, though I’m not going to age myself by admitting which host I remember. I always thought the game was based on the show, but apparently it was the other way around. I still remember turning the Rolomatic Puzzle Changerâ„¢ for a new game. Did they make additional rebus scrolls to be sold separately?

What games–or TV game shows–were your favorites when you were a kid?


8 thoughts on “More fun with nostalgia”

    1. Liked both those shows. TV viewing was always a family activity, so remembering those old shows is like reliving some of the best family moments.

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