April Photo A Day: This Happened Today

Had to run some errands today, including a stop by the post office. And there was a package there from St. Louis Rob. I had expressed envy to him that he was able to find bags of black-only jellybeans at Easter–so he sent me a package for my birthday, along with the CUTEST origami dog to guard them when I’m away from them. I MIGHT share them with Tom and Tim.

If you want to see Rob’s daily puzzles, all the origami he does, and wonderful photos and facts about St. Louis, check out his blog. Bonus: Many photos and tales of wonder dog, Renee, one of my long-distance loves.

Thank you, Rob and Renee!

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


7 thoughts on “April Photo A Day: This Happened Today”

  1. Only the red are better than the black jelly beans !! And why is it that Houston is devoid of yummys? First BBQ fritos … and not black jelly beans? Lifesaver pastels are my favorite Easter candy — Rob and Renee has to be one of my favorite love stories

    1. Houston may have black jellybeans. I just never saw them because I don’t shop for candy very often. I usually get Tom and Tim something for Easter, but this year I had too much going on to shop or didn’t have a car very often. When I told them this, they said they were okay with no Easter. So this was the only candy we got!

  2. Renee insisted that I include her origami counterpart. And in case you’re wondering, she does not like black jelly beans. When I was transferring the beans from the bag to my candy jar, one fell on the floor and she beat me to it. After crunching into it and tasting it, she spit it back out. Good dog! No way I’m going to let her develop a taste for MY treats.

    1. Whenever the dogs are begging, we say, “It has onions.” Cake, pie, popcorn–doesn’t matter. “It has onions.”

      Be sure to tell Renee I said thank you.

      1. My parents’ dogs would just open their eyes and keep on begging. Last night we had sausages and sauerkraut. The smell made me nauseous after spending the day digging holes in the yard for the plants we just bought. But, dinner tasted so good, and our dogs just ignored us eating at the table! They –gssp!– actually ate their own food instead! No begging!

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