April Photo A Day: Something Beginning With A

“A” is for Alexander McQueen, and more specifically, the lenticular photograph on the cover of this book, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, which is either McQueen’s face or a skull, depending on the angle at which you view it.

The book was a birthday gift from Lindsey and Rhonda, a perfect opportunity to consider and study McQueen’s genius for creating art and fashion that expressed his perspectives on “race, class, sexuality, religion, and the environment,” as reviewers have noted. The full page photographs are images from the exhibit by the same name at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can find many of those here, if you’re interested in seeing what I get to enjoy with this book thanks to The Brides.

Prompt from FMS Photo A Day.


13 thoughts on “April Photo A Day: Something Beginning With A”

          1. Tim AND Mark. But other than the few designs Meesh did way back when, I’ve had no competitors. Which is a shame, because there are some amazing doll clothes designers out there whose work really is high fashion.

  1. Def Leppard – Retroactive album (CD) cover has a similar juxtaposition illusion; however, this one involves a woman, a dresser with a ferocious mirror.

  2. I love this book. I have a copy too. McKenna and I stayed an extra day in NYC so we could see the exhibit and it was amazing. One of the best staged art exhibits I think I’ve ever seen.

    1. I’m so glad someone I know was able to see it up close and personal. There’s talk of it traveling–perhaps–but that would probably start in Europe and who knows if it will ever make it to Houston. But it should!

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