What comes after twilight?

Smart people will answer dawn or dusk. But people who know me will assure me that there must be SOMETHING. All I know is that for now, no more books and movies for people to mock, and reportedly these are the last dolls planned. Tom gave them to me for my birthday.

The Twilight Saga’s Emmett, Esme, and Carlisle. I’m sure before long I’ll be finding ways to feature them with their other vampire friends. And Jacob, the lone wolf. Heh.

I’m not sure if future birthdays will involve any more Twilight foolishness, but at least Marika helped it end with big laughter at The Compound. Along with the gift of a new journal, she sent more of her cross-stitched brilliance.

I don’t know what cracked me up more: Edward’s hair, Bella’s frownie face, or Jacob’s shirtlessness. THANK YOU, Marika. So, so funny and appreciated.


11 thoughts on “What comes after twilight?”

    1. I was inspired to include them in a post. And they WILL be framed and placed where I can see them from my desk, so you never know…

    1. On the cross-stitch? Only if they make it to the meadow on a sunny day.

      And where are those Twihards when I’m accepting any offer for “Everyone Has A Meadow?”

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