My favorite April fool

Today is the birthday of fellow Aries and newest sister Geri. I feel as if I’ve known her forever and am better off for it. Happy birthday, Geri!

Last week she and David sent birthday goodies to me.

Displayed against their gift of “By the Pint,” a Vera Neumann dish towel, is an adorable little ceramic dish made by potter Barb Schaecher, a bottle of bubbles which I’m not opening because it looks like a magnum size bottle of doll champagne and I see photo opportunities in the future, and a shiny reminder to celebrate!

Also, close-up, flat pennies a friend of hers made for me. Thanks, Geri and David, for being what family is all about–cool presents! I KID. Thanks for being in our lives. I love you.

ETA: The mystery bottle cap that I’m still trying to identify!
ETA Part 2: It’s a Samuel Smith Organic Cherry Fruit Beer (or cider). I’m a genius bottle cap stalker!


5 thoughts on “My favorite April fool”

  1. i am so glad you liked the little gifties! a great day today. and, an honor to make the blog page. love you lots! waiting until the evening to open some lovely things from far away places.

    1. Thank you again so much for the goodies. =) Hope you have a fantastic birthday! And so sorry I missed the call last night. Didn’t hear the phone; Tom and I were engrossed in transferring all our home movies to the computer. I predict videos to share with family in the future!

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