Happy World Water Day!

I love water. Drinking it. Swimming in it. Staring at it. Showering in it. Listening to it in rain, waves, and fountains.

You can learn a lot about what the lack of good clean water means to us, what we’re doing about water, and how we can do better by visiting the water.org site. We can’t survive without taking care of water.


4 thoughts on “Happy World Water Day!”

    1. Well, I will only swim in a pool, so I’m sure I’m missing out on all kinds of adventures–like meeting giant catfish and squid.

      Ew. I’m creeping myself out.

  1. I have fond memories of swimming at the beach one summer in 2002 in Barcelona/Sitges, Spain. Oh, the water was nice, and so were the people at that beach.

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