Another tale of linen madness

It’s been a hard week for the dogs because I’ve spent so much time taking pain medication and sleeping. Actually, this is great for Margot and Guinness, because they are old and sleep is what they love second only to anything edible. But Tim has been away working, and Pixie and Penny are younger and more energetic. They had a great time last weekend because Sugar was with us, too, so there was lots of romping. But the week has been slower.

I felt better when I woke up today. I made the bed. Cooked some breakfast. Let the dogs out. Took care of some online business.

Then I decided to go out with the dogs again so Margot could dig holes, Guinness could vanish wherever she vanishes to, Penny could stare down the street (if staring were an Olympic sport for dogs, Penny would win the gold medal forever), and Pixie could burn energy chasing imaginary squirrels and real lizards. When I got tired of sneezing, we came inside, and I took a shower.

When I got out of the shower, I heard the telltale jingling of collar tags that means there’s playtime happening. Which is when I remembered: Last night, Tom went into our bedroom and realized some dog had thrown up a little on the bed. So he put the sheets and spread into the washing machine and put one of our older quilts over clean sheets. Older quilts = little tears and worn-out places. Little tears and worn out places = dog heroin.

I don’t know how much bedding we lost before we got Margot and Guinness past the terrible twos. And threes. The best guess is: lots.

I estimate that since the girls grew up and out of such behavior, I’ve lost about a quilt or pillow a year to Rex/Pixie or Pixie/Penny combos. With that in mind, I wrapped myself in a towel and dashed into the bedroom. Yep.

Here I’ve piled up the pieces.

Here are the faces of “innocent until proven guilty” who’d like to speak to Rex’s attorney before answering any of my questions. See how sweet they look on a different quilt as if to prove they would never do what I’m accusing them of?


18 thoughts on “Another tale of linen madness”

  1. Penny’s look is quite withering as if you say “How DARE you accuse me! I refuse to even acknowledge this situation. Good day, Madam. I said GOOD DAY!”

    By the way, Yoda in the corner knows all …

  2. Thank god, Renee only unstuffs her stuffed toys. But she does steal used face cloths out of the laundry pile. Then she spreads them on the floor and wipes her face on them. She’s got this thing about the perfumed smell of soap.

    1. That is funny. We’ve had dogs that stole from the laundry, but I’ve never seen them doing the little pink sock dance. I’ve only seen them drag clothes out into the yard and help get them all dirty again.

  3. Does the Rex/Pixie or Pixie/Penny combos mean that Pixie is double trouble? Cute looks on the faces though. Can’t be mad for long.

    1. Well, Rex was an older and mostly well-behaved dog. Then Pixie came as a very young girl and would lead him into trouble when they were romping. Because, you know, you’re playing on the bed, and everything’s okay, then maybe a corner gets torn, and suddenly–TUG OF WAR!

      Now that Rex has gone to the Rainbow Bridge and Pixie should be behaving with more decorum, she has Penny as a partner in crime. I don’t think they mean to be bad and destructive. It starts with a toy, then the toy drops, and in trying to pick it up, they get a piece of quilt, and it escalates from there. I’d say they’re equally guilty, though it’s usually Penny who has stuffing hanging from her mouth.

      I don’t get mad at them. I know I should, but I always feel like I could have prevented whatever they’ve done wrong by being a bit more alert. When I catch them in the act and speak sharply to them, they’re SO remorseful and guilty-looking that it makes me feel worse than they do.

  4. If I read dogs the way I read people, the cute white spotted one on the far end of the couch couldn’t pass a lie detector exam if his/her tail depended on it.

    1. I would say you are an excellent reader of dogs. She is, as Doonesbury’s Mark Slackmeyer once said of Watergate figure John Mitchell, “Guilty! Guilty, guilty, guilty!”

      But Penny is MUCH cuter than John Mitchell.

  5. I thought about using a different quilt when I realized that one already had holes. So it’s all my fault for tempting the little angels.

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